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International Women’s Day: Say No To Quotas!

ImageToday is being celebrated the world over as International Women’s Day; a day to celebrate the achievements of those of the fairer sex, while highlighting the work that is still to be done on behalf of women in some of the forgotten corners of our world. Perhaps inevitably the conversation today will turn to towards finding solutions to the real and perceived inequalities facing women. That conversation will undoubtedly rest on quota systems. In fact, a member of the Jamaican Senate has already raised the issue, arguing that it would compensate for the disparity between men and women in the Parliament.  I’m no expert in these matters, and I do not pretend to be – these are my opinions having thought about the issue. I have no doubt that the Senator has good intentions, but I cannot support quotas on the basis of gender, especially in political representation. Here’s why.



“Can I Cum In Your Mouth?” : The Power Struggle Behind a Blowjob

I once heard a young lady remark that she would never kneel before a man and perform oral sex on him. She went on to explain that as a feminist, she felt that her kneeling before him could only serve to reinforce male dominance and patriarchy. Personally, I’ve never had much patience with feminists and their school of thought. I find them to be almost fanatics and extremists, for the most part anyway; and so I ignored her. Let me be clear, I mean no offence to those who identify as feminists – I simply take issue with the ideas the notion of feminism give rise to.

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