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The Friendzone


Editor’s Note : The views expressed below are not my own. We continue the guest posts series with @Nasylum’s take on the dreaded Friendzone. Enjoy.

Seeing people lament about the friendzone as if it is some punishment meted out unfairly or straight up curse the evil beings who dare classify them as “just a friend” is a source of great annoyance for me. Apparently, once someone is nice (in their opinion, let’s get that straight) to you and willing to do sweet or considerate things for you even when you do not ask, you become obligated to partner up with them or at the very least, “dash out” (that is, have the sex. Yes, I said “the sex”. It’s how I talk. Deal”. I do not want to tell you that you are a self-entitled individual who really is not ready for a relationship with a human being besides yourself so I won’t. But you are. Oops, I told you. The first step is acceptance. You’re welcome. Now let’s move on to helping you on the road to recovery.



A JA Girl Exposed : In Her Own Words.


A relationship should be based on trust. We often hear how important this concept is to a successful relationship. Usually that trust leads you to feel secure enough to discuss anything, explore anything that will allow you to add ‘spice’ to the relationship, and this often includes sending explicit pictures. However, this practice intended to be an intimate act between lovers has been turned into a public spectacle, intended to extort and embarrass Jamaican females. This gave birth to the website JA Girls Exposed. One of my followers on Twitter has found herself “exposed”, pictures she sent to a guy she was dating posted on a website for all the world to see. By all accounts, she is popular on Twitter, a stunning young lady, comfortable with her body and her sexuality. She wants you to hear her side of the story, to tell you about her personal anguish and sense of betrayal. We will call her VC. Here she is, in her own words.

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