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#AHSCoven: Clearly The Worst Season


American Horror Story: Coven was terrible, the entire season. What is truly shocking is that it took the finale to bring me to that realization. It’s now clear that the season survived on the reputation and acclaim of the two that preceded it, while throwing in some big names for safe measure. To their credit, the writers almost got away with it, except for the truly underwhelming finale. When one reflects on the season as a whole, we realize that there was little more than a lazy attempt at a plot, interwoven with a few moments of shock value, just enough to keep us wanting more. And while we went on week to week, surviving on the “OMG” moments and the pseudo displays of feminine might and power, we missed the truly terrible storyline, poor character development and “half assed” attempt at horror – all culminating in the very least impressive character being declared Supreme.



The Ragashanti Saga

Disclaimer : I’m not going to seek to defend the RagaShanti Show, if you’re a fan of his and you’ll take offence to criticisms being levelled at him; close the tab. I’m annoyed and I’m going to be ranting.

Closed it? No? Still here? Very well.

Unlike my previous blog posts, this one will have no ceremony. No introduction. It won’t sound academic and it probably won’t even make sense. I’m just annoyed that my timeline falls victim to this show so often.

Ragashanti’s show is not only annoying, but it is absolute rubbish. I remember when the show was on the radio, I marvelled at how “cayliss” Jamaican people are. I mean, if you’re gonna sex with someone, shouldn’t you at least get bus fare to go back home? I’m not here for people sexing and then have to “boom ride” to get home. I’m not here for that at all.

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