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Social Justice

UTECH’s Shameful State of Nature

We’re often surprised when we hear reports of mob killings in rural Jamaica. Those of us in the urban centres of the island usually express outrage at the “uncivilised” and “barbaric” tendencies of our more simple countrymen; but make no mistake, for all our urbanisation and university education, we are no different from those who set upon their own and hack them to death. The students of The University of Technology (UTECH) proved that much last Thursday. How many more must be beaten before we realise something is very wrong in Jamaica?

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Gay and Hated : In His Own Words

When I started this blog I promised myself that no topic would be off limits, I vowed to always speak the truth, as I saw it; and above all, I vowed to give voice to those who would not otherwise be heard in our society. I have not lived up to that, I have been a coward. I’ve aimed only to write about things I believed my audience would receive well. Many people will perhaps stop reading my blog posts after this, I will risk that. I will perhaps be called all kinds of names, and I have prepared myself for the hate mail I will receive. However, I believe Martin King Jr. was right when he said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. After reading a heartbreaking account of the harassment and bullying a friend of mine has faced on the perception that he is a homosexual, I feel compelled to address, as best I can, the issue of homophobia in Jamaica’s society. Thousands of young people face unbelievable bullying and discrimination because of their sexuality; this post will invite you to see the issue through the eyes of someone who has been the subject of considerable ridicule and discrimination. I want people to see how the hateful things they say to people affect them, how it affects self esteem. Here is his story.


Protect The Landless Poor : Advocates Issue Call To Action


The Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN) and Help JA Children have issued a call to action to policy makers to protect the landless poor. The two advocacy groups say that they are inviting other organisations to add their voice to the call as well. In response to the recent removal of 80 adults and 40 children from a squatter settlement on Duke Street last week, the two groups prepared a document which has now been uploaded to the internet and is open for signature from the public.“We cannot continue to allow people to be homeless. We have to ensure that at the end of the day, we do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable people in our society and the poor and landless people are among that constituent,” said Jaevion Nelson. Nelson, who is the executive director of JYAN, said that the document asks the government to look at doing five specific things, namely:1. Identify and analyze the local nature of squatting and develop an appropriate policy response;

Help JA Children : ACT NOW

Two days ago I made a blog entry about Yendi Phillips’ pregnancy and at the time I’m writing this, that entry has received 9350 views, coupled with some 90 + comments. I’m calling on that same spirit that motivated you to reblog, retweet, repost, broadcast and tweet that post to cause you to do the same for this one; something far more important, something our nation should stop and pay attention to, something very close to my heart.

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Hear The Children’s Cry

“Something in the heart of most human beings simply cannot abide pain inflicted on the innocent, especially children. Even broken men serving in the worst correctional facilities will often first take out their rage on those who have caused suffering to children. Even in a world of relative morality, causing harm to a child is still considered absolutely wrong. Period.” – The Shack, by W.M Paul Young.

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The Trouble With Lesbians In Schools

The Gleaner carried a story today which alleges rampant homosexual conduct at a local corporate area all girls school. The newspaper claims that in many cases younger students are forced into performing sexual acts on or with older students. According to the school’s administration, the situation is so severe that an emergency meeting was called with parents to address the “behavioural” issues. This predator-like perception of lesbians worries me, especially in a country already grossly homophobic. Could the actions of these supposed lesbians result in further marginalisation of homosexuals in Jamaica? I think so.

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Ramblings on Rights & Liberties in a ‘Christian Nation’ Which I Randomly Thought About Today While Watching The News

Editor’s Note :

I am well aware that this post is unorganised and perhaps makes no sense. The following words reflect my thoughts as they poured out of my fingertips, having listened to a news report regarding the resumption of Sunday racing at Caymanas Park.

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