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Protect The Landless Poor : Advocates Issue Call To Action


The Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN) and Help JA Children have issued a call to action to policy makers to protect the landless poor. The two advocacy groups say that they are inviting other organisations to add their voice to the call as well. In response to the recent removal of 80 adults and 40 children from a squatter settlement on Duke Street last week, the two groups prepared a document which has now been uploaded to the internet and is open for signature from the public.“We cannot continue to allow people to be homeless. We have to ensure that at the end of the day, we do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable people in our society and the poor and landless people are among that constituent,” said Jaevion Nelson. Nelson, who is the executive director of JYAN, said that the document asks the government to look at doing five specific things, namely:1. Identify and analyze the local nature of squatting and develop an appropriate policy response;

2.  Make land available and affordable to the homeless, either individually or as members of viable communities;

3.  Transform dysfunctional squatter communities into viable, functional and supportive ones, by putting in place necessary physical infrastructure and by providing social amenities that foster environmental health and wellbeing;

4. Establish temporary shelter(s) to provide housing for persons who are being evicted from private lands and/or properties; and  5. Provide available housing units at discounted prices to the homeless, such as with Operation PRIDE.

The petition, which is hosted on, is seeking 2000 signatures and according to Nelson will be sent to Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, the Minister of Labour and Social Security Derrick Kellier and the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing Dr Omar Davies.

Help JA Children’s chief advocate Brandon Allwood said that we must recognize that housing is a basic human right and that close to 1-million people are currently living in a number of squatter communities across the island. “Almost 1-million people, one-third of our population, live in one of 754 squatter communities across the island. Especially with the discussion of legislation that will bring squatter communities under the scrutiny of the law, we must seriously discuss how it is that we will resolve this issue. Certainly the answer is not to make one-third of our population homeless,” Allwood remarked.

The petition’s name on is ‘End the eviction and displacement of homeless Jamaicans’, and both Nelson and Allwood are encouraging people to sign the document and let their voice be heard. For more information on the call to action, people can email Help JA Children at






3 responses

  1. Kingsley Morgan

    Protect the landless poor indeed. This is a petiton that should not be ignored

    August 22, 2012 at 9:44 pm

  2. Man, Fuck the Poor! they don’t do a damn thing but beg, fuck, steal and mess up our politic system. Do politicians need to explain policy to poor people? No. Because the fucks vote for the same damn party no matter what! At least make some damn demands other than block roads in communities that no one wants to go to.

    You know what? Where’s my damn house? We have a situation where 80 percent of graduates can’t afford the cheapest NHT loans, onerous students loans, government no longer subsidising tertiary education and the end of stable employment for an entire generation (ie us) because these poor niggas keep voting the same useless politicians into power, yet we should turn around and help these animals some more? No. No I say!! Half of these goddamn ghettos were created for middle class graduates and starter families (like most Jamaican bloggers) who needed cheap housing. Then they got overrun with political violence , so they moved out to areas where they have to commute longh distances to work and school. And you want us to help poor people screw us over some more?

    Fuck That.

    August 24, 2012 at 6:07 am

  3. Hello your doing a great work here admin, could you contact me I need to have a word

    Thank you

    August 26, 2012 at 7:07 am

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