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The BBM Broadcast Message

Some propose to know the mind of God, some propose to work alongside those charged with apprehending fugitives and stolen cars, there are those sent directly from the CEO of RIM and there are those which appeal to our humanity and then there are those which have little to no point. Yes, I am speaking of the infamous BBM Broadcast.

Last evening I was lying in bed, enjoying the rain and having some sexually charged thoughts, when suddenly I was alerted to the presence of a new message. Annoyed though I was that I was being called from the enticing thoughts, I decided to give in to the red light and check. I was greeted with :

“Does Jesus come first in your life? If so, stop what your doing & send it to all your contacts now. Watch what He does.”

I stared at the purple letters for a few seconds before responding, “He won’t do anything. He didn’t tell you He would, and you really shouldn’t make promises on His behalf, especially promises He won’t keep.” Added to my annoyance was the fact that I was in a sexually charged state and being forced to think about Jesus and what He means in my life. That was a very awkward moment.

Now quite apart from the fact that these broadcasts from God usually fly in the face of correct grammar and spelling, (Note the “your” which should be “you’re”) the reality is that they seriously lack logic. First of all, who told these people God would do something? And if no one told you, how can you go around causing public mischief by telling lies on the Man upstairs? And further, what kind of God would He be if He requires you to “send this to 10 friends” for something good to happen in your life? Am I the only one bothered by that?

It is now commonplace that when a car is stolen, we put our detective hats on and we send out something that reads :

“Grey Honda Civic stolen from Sovereign, if seen call the police.”

Call the police and tell them what exactly? That I saw a grey Honda and one was taken from Sovereign so they ought to go check it out, just to make sure? How about a license plate number? How about a when last the car was seen? How about a little information to go on? How about that?

Someone is at the hospital and needs blood and some wise guy sends :

“10 year old John Doe is at the hospital and needs blood. Please help. You would want help if it was you.”

How about what blood type? How about which hospital John Doe is admitted to? 😐 I mean, you took the time to send the broadcast, at least put together something that will aid the request you’re making.

While it is true that the broadcast message can come in handy, (I myself have used it to alert my contacts to the fact that I’m awake, something they all appreciate; though they will never admit it) we must be careful not to abuse it. The most famous example of abuse was when some crackpot decide to start the rumour that Jamaica was to be hit by a tsunami. I believe this was last year. I remember bolting out of bed to tune into CNN, only to be greeted by Anderson Cooper’s story on some US congressman’s misconduct. I was livid. I think I deleted close to twenty (20) people that night. Simply for their failure to verify the allegation before passing it on. And believe it or not, there are some of us who take anything we read via social media as law. We believe that once it is tweeted, facebooked or broadcasted, it must be true. Verify your stories before passing them on.

I do not accept that broadcasts should never be sent, as some of my contacts have suggested. I just believe they should contain critical and confirmed information, such as the fact I am awake. My contacts need that information to enjoy their day and so I oblige. The violent language and death threats aren’t necessary guys 🙂

Finally, I’d like to leave you with something to consider. Whenever you receive a broadcast, follow three steps :

  •  Step One : STOP.
  •  Step Two : READ.
  •  Step Three : THINK.

Think people! Think! Does it make sense that RIM would require you to send a broadcast to register you to their server? Does it make sense that RIM would delete your BBM if you don’t send a broadcast confirming it is active? And above all, does flooding a server with broadcast messages sound like any way to fix a downed server. Stop. Read. Think.

Happy broadcasting.


2 responses

  1. This completely ties in to the post I made on my blog titled “Blackberry Etiquette” people need fi broadcast responsibly if any at all. Those RIM broadcasts are particularly annoying a mean why would they send the message to one person an give them the job of broadcasting to the rest of the world. If that’s the case bbm would not exist right now. To each his own I guess. Anywho mi like how dem group deh set up XD and with that I take my leave *subliminal message* READ MI BLAG *end subliminal* Toodles

    June 24, 2011 at 2:05 pm

  2. siper101

    Problem is 90% of people using bbm are brainless chavvy gangster people who don’t know the difference between a server and the guy who brings food to you at a restaurant. Myself excluded, and a select few who do genuinely just prefer BB’s to iPhones instead of getting a BB ‘cuz me friend got it enit’

    April 4, 2012 at 2:52 am

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