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Gaga, The Illuminati and The Catholic Church : How Far Is Too Far?

For as long as there has been art and religion, there has been controversy about how art portrays the sacred and the divine. From Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper” to Madonna’s song “Like A Prayer”, there has been continued debate about hidden messages in art and allegations of witchcraft and wizardry against the artistes; whether they be sculptors, painters or musicians.

The latest addition to this list of controversial figures is the infamous and much celebrated Lady Gaga. Often eccentric, Gaga has been the subject of much discussion; from her choice of clothes to her lyrics. Her latest single titled “Judas“, released in the holiest period in Christendom, celebrates the figure who is largely held to be the reason why The Christ was crucified. The song flies in the face of all that christians hold to be holy and sacred. Listening to the song, one gets the impression that Gaga is making a mockery of the betrayal, denial and crucifixion of Christ. This of course raises the very important question, does she have a right to do this? This blog says yes, she does.

The Catholic Church has denounced Gaga’s lyrics and her plan to appear as Mary Magdalene in the upcoming video. However, this Roman Catholic is cautious about condemning her. She certainly has a right to sing what she chooses and I’m afraid the fact that it offends our consciences is not sufficient reason to censor or even condemn her. Her music does not prevent us from practising our religion, so why should we be allowed to silence her? That’s fundamentally wrong. If we are allowed to silence everyone who offends us, where do we draw the line? Still, there is the question of making a mockery of what people hold sacred. What is the reasoning behind Gaga’s mockery of the sacred and holy? The staunch christians will say “she’s demonic.” and of course “she’s illuminati.” Is that a credible answer?

That brings me to the issue of The Illuminati. There seems to be a school of thought that says any artiste who has unprecedented success MUST have committed his/her soul to the devil and must be a part of the ancient, and largely misunderstood, society of The Illuminati. Theses artistes include, but are not limited to Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Eminem, and young Willow Smith. Let me state categorically that I am no historian, nor am I an authority on secret societies. What I do have however, is a brain. And what I can do is read. And so I did read. The official account is that the Illuminati is a group of enlightened individuals dedicated to the spread of knowledge and light to combat the darkness of ignorance. If this is a secret society, how is the membership known to the public? If these individuals are dedicated to knowledge and enlightenment, how are individuals such as Usain Bolt rumoured to be among them? He isn’t exactly Einstein. Seriously.

The truth is that we humans fear what we don’t understand and far too many of us are content to accept someone else’s word without verifying things for ourselves. The moment we see a symbol that we are unfamiliar with, we attribute it to demons and the devil. I cannot accept this. If we just stopped for a second to question some of the things we are told, we’d realize how completely ludicrous some of these allegations are. Am I saying these allegations are untrue? No. Is it highly likely that most of them are made up? Yes. I repeat, how is the membership of an ancient secret society so public? And if the rumours are true, wouldn’t the persons who betray the membership be killed? Please think on these things. But I digress.

While Gaga is known for advocating for gay rights and interests, which is admirable; it is troubling that she chooses to make a mockery of someone else religious beliefs. Could it be that the controversy sells? People like the blasphemous lyrics and provocative music videos? Or is it that she lacks the requisite talent to produce music that is devoid of controversy and that would do well? Does her music survive because of controversy? The more attention the church gives to her music, the more it will be demanded by her fans. The church should simply allow her to be. I don’t think she’s that talented any ways. Her career will die a natural death. Art is art and I repeat, we cannot want to silence and censor anyone who offends our conscience, that’s just not the world we live in anymore. If this was the Middle Ages, we could burn her at the stake, but alas it isn’t.

Has Gaga gone too far? And how far is too far?


13 responses

  1. Karim

    Controversy and sex sells. Lady Gaga, like a certain J’can artiste who attributes his new skin tone to the use cake soap, uses this controversy to stay relevant. I mean who would else could sing a song like Judas and get this reaction.

    As for the Illuminate Theories floating around- I do not subscribe!I am sick and tired of hearing the word Illuminate!

    April 19, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    • tavia

      karim fyi vbyz kartel is a good artist u luv him in jamaica so shut up bitch!!

      May 5, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    • tavia

      shut up u need jesus

      May 5, 2012 at 6:38 pm

  2. MDk

    Said the same thing to someone earlier. The more they talk about her, the more publicity she receives, and the more money they make. Gaga actually went to a Catholic school. She made it a point to point that out, not like it did any good.

    I have a problem with people, especially those representing a religion forcing their beliefs on others, as well as judging others. It’s annoying as hell, and they’re defeating their purpose.

    I know absolutely nothing about the Illuminati, I really don’t care to find out what it is, who their members are or what they do.

    April 19, 2011 at 7:10 pm

  3. Scott

    Lady GaGa: Lady Gaga’s rights as a human; her rights as a singer should be observed -we must not try take away her right to express herself freely. Her music reflects what she is and what she believes in, so if she chooses to get “disturbia” or get herself in some controversy, its her choice. Personally, I have no problem or take offence of her “mockery” of the Christian religion.
    Illuminati: The terms Illuminati and Free Masons are used interchangeable, the truth is, they were once a secret society, however, in order to accomplish what ever they had or have on their agenda, they are some what exposed to the wider society. It is as clear as crystal that some or even most of the main stream artist today have some ties with persons who are associated with the elite. The evidences lie in their work: their music, their movies and their music videos. The symbols which are used in the cults are “all over” their videos and are used appropriately as well, therefore they weren’t put there as props or decoration. Popular old school hip hop/rap artist Tupac also spoke deeply about these cults and even came up with lyrics to show condemnation -“Killuminati” Our own Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel has sung about the Free Masons, he seems to be well informed about them and what they practice as well, as, in one of his popular songs he said “Mi reach 33 degrees a Masonry; heights a evil”?? 33 degree masons are really serious practioners of the cult. To emphasize his “33 degree status,” he has a ring with the the masons’s symbol embedded into it… does that count for something? Rihanna’s Rude Boy mmusic video illustrates most of the Illuminati symbols, so something is definitely fishy about them.

    April 19, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    • Quite an extensive comment. Though I’m not sure you’ve provided any evidence to support your claims. :-p

      April 21, 2011 at 11:57 am

  4. c

    Just stumbled across this, and while I know that it is “older news” at this point, I just wanted to ask… was it not Judas that allowed Jesus to claim his place as savior of the world? Despite the scandal of the betrayal, was that not his purpose? What if Judas had hidden Jesus? What if the crucifixion had never happened? Had he not been killed, I dare say the impact would not have been as immense. His message demanded that he become a martyr. I think it essential to consider this before demonizing a man (just a fallible human like the rest of us) who paved the way for Jesus’ message to reverberate through the ages and across the globe. Similarly, Gaga and her portrayal of Magdalene and Judas in her video shouldn’t be demonized either. Yes, she’s eccentric; yes, she knows how to direct attention; but the story she paints of the Bible’s “black sheep” isn’t making a mockery of anything, let alone the Church. On the contrary, her message of love and acceptance of the disenfranchised, the misunderstood and the broken is one the world desperately needs to hear. The Church would be wise to take some notes.

    August 28, 2011 at 9:05 pm

  5. Hey Constructedthoughts,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, he started off by telling her that because she likes lady gaga that she (my sister) is a satanist because lady gaga is a satanist because she is in the illuminati. then he continued to say that anyone who listens to jay-z, beyonce, rihanna and a couple other artists are also satanist because they are all in the illuminati and by buying their music they are supporting whatever these artists support. first off i believe this is a very inappropriate thing to be talking about in a catechism class, there is nothing in their book that has to do with this. then he started to tell me sister that because she was pro-choice is not catholic, and because she doesn’t hate gay people she will be going to hell. she ended up walking out of the class after saying a few things to the teacher. is it just me or does this seem like a very inappropriate and unprofessional way to be teaching a catechism class?? i think i’ll be going there next sunday just to give him a piece of my mind…

    December 12, 2011 at 10:47 am

  6. i hate gagaaa

    fuck you gago or is it goga

    May 17, 2012 at 10:46 am

  7. shadrick

    i think gaga has gone too far i just pray to God that they might find thier salvation soon

    June 24, 2012 at 8:50 am

  8. Ally

    Very eloquent. Ideology, analogy, & theory…we, though individually, decide w/our own minds, singularly…lest we are influenced along w/the masses…

    September 21, 2012 at 7:05 pm

  9. Sonny Meinhofer

    The author claims he is Roman Catholic. If he has ever attended a Catholic Church, especially during Eastertide, then he must be aware of the following formula recited by the priest and answered by the people inside the church, usually replacing the recitation of the Creed :

    V. Do you reject Satan?
    R. I do.

    V. And all his works?
    R. I do.

    V. And all his empty promises?
    R. I do.

    Now, there has to be some small percentage of Roman Catholics and Christians (denominational, non-denominational, Orthodox, Coptic, etc.) who still think that there is this entity, called Satan (Baphomet, Lucifer, the Devil, etc.), who exists and who actively operates in the physical world by influencing people, usually to do “bad things.” Of course, if there is no God, then there is no Satan. Christianity is a sham that exists to enslave millions throughout history. Admittedly, Christians “invented” Satan so they have some one to blame when they do “bad things.”

    Besides Christianity, there are other organized religions and belief systems with their own particular ideas. Like any money-making enterprise or corporation (and in the USA at least, if these groups want tax-free benefits, then they do have to incorporate as a non-profit entity), they have all hired some designer to come up with an easily recognizable logo, sign, catch phrase, symbol that is instantly recognizable to their clients and to prospective, future clients.

    What many are pointing out is that, just like iconic brands like Nike, Coca Cola, McDonalds, etc., there are many logos, brands, symbols, etc. out there that we can see every day that let’s us know…Drink Coke! and so forth. If advertisers are paying millions of dollars to get their message out via commercials on TV, print, posters, etc., so that the public will buy their products, how hard is it to acknowledge that the many symbols “advertised” in the acts, music videos and albums of many performers are also not reaching out to the public offering a commodity or selling an idea?

    Now, to call this hysteria, paranoia, a “witch-hunt” is certainly admissible. However, if there is a consistent advertising campaign that is flashing before the public very identifiable brands, then I see no harm in pointing out these things. Eyes within triangles (the all seeing eye of the trinity in roman catholic art), the eye of Horus, upside down Crosses or Crucifixes (seen in Ke$ha’s videos or even beneath the high altar at Saint Peter’s in Rome near the “tomb” of Peter), the heads of goats or animals with horns (innocent enough, unless a superstitious Christians thinks he is looking at a devil with horns), use of blood (Kim Kardashian’s well publicized blood vampyre facials, or the singer Ke$ha drinking “blood” from an organ on stage), numerology (constant use of F as 6, or 666, or M as 13, a triangle that has 3 X 60 degree angles representing 6(0) three times), the exposed palm of the hand, enacted Babylonian, Egyptian and mystery rites on stage, often (humorously?) presented as a Satanic Black Mass (to offend and to shock bad and superstitious Christians, who are well known to be anti-gay, a Roman Catholic hierarchy that protects pedophile priests, fundamentalists who preach hate, etc.) during such large scale events as the London Olympics in 2012, MTV’s VMAs, the half-time show at the Super Bowl, the Grammys (Nikie Minaj, as in Menage a Trois, enacting an exorcism on her possessed alter ego called Roman Zolanski).

    Clearly, if anything, these symbols and representations are aimed at exposing Christians as nothing but superstitious, who have no sense of fun and who are unaware of the pain they cause by insisting on such antiquated ideas as celibacy or heterosexual marriages only. Take the Grammy awards ceremony. Ms. Minaj has created a young, gay blond character, who has taken possession of her body, and this cute gay guy shares her “soul” with other entities. Ms. Minaj has called this funny character “Roman Zolanski,” which sounds a lot like Roman Polanski, the famous Movie Director, who made that classic 60s film, Rosemary’s Baby (about a wealthy NYC couple who get the wife pregnant with “Satan’s seed” and, in exchange, the husband is promised a lucrative Hollywood career).

    Now, the reason she uses a “Z” instead of a “P” is that there is this innocent game on paper, that lets a person create a symbol (a square with an X inside and semi-circles outside each of the squares sides). The only way to draw this figure without ever lifting your pencil or pen, is to use the letter “Z” as the upper side, lower side, and 1/2 the X, then write out the word (Z)atanas (or Satan), then after the last “s” go back and finish drawing out the rest of the figure. This is called “Satan’s signature:” see nothing but pure fun!

    Not only was Roman Polanski a fabulous movie director, but he was much maligned with accusations of having sexually abused a 13 year old California girl back in the day. Even though Mr. Polanski paid the accused, under aged victim (when she was finally a young woman in her 20s) an undisclosed amount to settle out of court, Mr. Polanski is still unable to return to the USA because the U.S. government has attempted to extradite him back to America, press charges and send him to jail for getting the girl drunk, high and forcing his penis on her mouth and anus 40 years ago! Last attempt to extradite him was in Switzerland in 2009, but the American government failed to have the Swiss, who actually arrested Mr. Polanski, to turn him over.

    Mr. Polanski was also married to one of the most beautiful blond actresses of Hollywood, Sharon Tate. Ms. Tate was sadly murdered in 1969, while still pregnant with Mr. Polanski’s baby. Female members of the Charles Manson “family” were responsible for stabbing Ms. Tate and the foetus inside her about 16 times. Mr. Polanski was in London during the time of this murder. Charles Manson has been accused by paranoid, hysterical and hypocritical Christian right wing extremists of having commanded this “satanic ritual killing.” Christians perpetuate the myth that Satanists (if they even exist, and if they do, would never, ever do such a horrible crime) sacrifice babies (and I guess a foetus is sort of a baby, but not really) during their rites to appease Satan.

    Back to Ms. Minaj (a trois, a great role model for feminists and sexual liberation), who has decided to speak on behalf of gays, who are demonized as evil, sexual deviants. The exorcism rite at the Grammys (with a stage filled with a “Pope,” beautiful altar boys, hot male dancers wearing hooded robes, a high satanic altar, the usual plethora of Babylonian/Egyptian/Masonic/Esoteric symbols and even a levitation) enacts a Satanic/Roman Catholic Black Mass (just as Roman Polanski was accused of pedophilia and sexual child abuse, Ms. Minaj is pointing out the true evil of the Roman Catholics and their own “mystery rites”) and an exorcism, as to say, “hypocritical Roman Catholics condemn homosexuals, so here I am poking fun of a Satanic Papal figure attempting to exorcise this beautiful, blond homosexual from me, as if gays were devils!”

    Lady Gaga et al. are using “blasphemy” as irreverent and witty social commentary on the sad demise of Christianity and all its hypocrisies and inconsistencies. This is why these veiled symbols are so upsetting to Christians who instantly recognize these symbols as “anti-Christian.” Another reason why you will not see anti-Semitic imagery. Not only is that taboo because of the Holocaust (Roman Polanski made a beautiful film called “The Pianist”), as well as the presence of prominent Jews in Hollywood and show biz, but that would truly be in bad taste and seriously offensive. The use of “illuminati” symbolism is the nail on the satanic coffin of the final holocaust of Christianity. Americans have just moved on from historic Christianity, Roman Catholicism has discredited itself with its scandalous and truly immoral and perverted “celibate” priesthood, and the mass hysteria from certain Christians about covert Satanic symbols shows us that no one really cares if Christians are vilified or attacked. Just as European and American Christians did nothing and said nothing during the Holocaust, Christians will be ridiculed in public by big Hollywood and Music Industry personalities and no one will really care.

    So you can argue that these heroic Artists have not gone far enough to demonize the Catholic Church, which, if anything, is the real “Satanic” presence in the world. This is just one interpretation, but certainly what the majority of the listeners are watching and understanding for themselves. Inversely, these Artists are also pointing out to another alternative. Organized religion is not the only voice in the world. Artists, via their constant bombardment of esoteric symbology (and let’s face it, they are knocking our eye balls with it, so you have to be spiritually blind not to see it), are also telling us that there are other paths, other ways, other systems. Maybe it’s the elevated FreeMasonry and Enlightenment of Jay Z and Beyonce (the new King and Queen of Pop, who have replaced the overdosed Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston). Maybe it’s White Power and SubUrban Anger of Eminem (M & M, M is the 13th letter, middle “i” is the all seeing “eye”). Maybe it’s the Satanic Witchcraft of Ke$ha. Maybe it’s the popular, pubescent, hypersexed and entertaining and fun non-religion of Justin TImberlake and Katy Perry. No matter what it is, young listeners now have real choices…real that tired “Old Time Religion.”

    July 24, 2013 at 2:46 am

  10. Every body is entitled to their own school of thought but one thing that for ever i wil say is that The Almighty God Jehovah Elohim, Elshadai,Yaweh, Jire creater of the Universe through His Prophets spoke about all this Hapenings in the current world today and for those who Believe in The true God He, Yaweh wil decern a spirit of Conciousness to show you what is wrong and what is right and this will for ever proove the fact that The end time is here and only those who were true believers will be raptured so for those who will try everything posible to defend evil in the name of fundermental rights then i say may ur sauls be clenced by the blood of Jesus Christ before it is too late. Christianity is a name used by /Christians But not all who say Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of God for many are called and few chosen. so it is upon you as an individual to think through urself and findout for urself what you are following. I am so sorry to say that i will forever condemn gayism because it was all created by the human mind and does not fulfill the will of God and i am happy that Uganda n Kenya strongly condemn that. As an african i will not pick any trash from the west even wen i know it is wrong and use it simply because they are more powerful and surpport poor africans so i must lick their feet and say yes i do to their evil and promisicous deeds….Hell no. The Gospel of Christ the true vine still remains to stand and no day will evil overcome good. Becausen light overcomes darkness and forever Jesus will remain victorious. In the name of GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT I declare that I will follow my One true doctrine of one who gave me the reason to leave…….Depart from evil….coz u will be consumed by it.

    March 21, 2014 at 7:31 am

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