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The PNP’s Challenge

Recent revelations by the government regarding housing and education has caused alarm among members of the opposition PNP. The nation was shocked to learn that nearly one million citizens of this country are squatters. The former Minister of Finance, Dr. Omar Davies has expressed surprise at the revelation in housing. There have been other damning revelations in sectors such as education and health, which seemingly have stunned the PNP. One cannot help but wonder who governed the country for the preceding 18 years. Are we to believe that the sad state of affairs which this country has found itself in should be attributed to the current JLP administration? To this day the PNP hasn’t seem to come to terms with the reason for their late election defeats.

The party continues to stand before the electorate of this country touting the same failed economic policies, the same failed social policies and the same leaders responsible for the problems we face. The party leader, Mrs. Simpson Miller, has expressed her desire to adopt what she terms “The Progressive Agenda”. How can the electorate see this as ‘progressive’, when the people who failed, and failed miserably, at creating progress in this country, are the ones piloting her agenda? The nation still associates the party with an enormous debt and failed fiscal policies, there are memories of Netscape, Soultrea and the list goes on, we watched as Air Jamaica and JUTC lost billions of dollars. The party leader cannot expect the people of this country to take her seriously when she proposes to have a vision for development. What have we been doing while this country careened out of control? What was being done when the rest of the world was recording growth? Where was the progressive agenda? These are questions the Opposition Leader will have to answer seriously if she expects to move back into her old office at Jamaica House.

We see where she has made progress in harnessing young fresh minds such as Lisa Hanna and Senator Basil Waite. However, for the most part, the same faces of the past still stand before us, standing in the mess of their failures. A drastic change of the guard has become necessary. The PNP has to arise and renew itself, realising that a progressive agenda cannot be achieved by those who have proven themselves un-progressive. The people of this country deserve more from the PNP, they are no longer immature voters voting along party lines, there has been a realisation in this country that rejects incompetence and opts for progress. The Opposition Leader has the agenda, what she needs is the will to carry it out, even if this means putting country first and party second; something the current leadership of the party has failed to understand.


2 responses

  1. I agree that it comes off as hypocritical that after 18 years of “leading” the country, they conveniently seem to either not know or throw blame on various topics.
    Sadly, I wish things were different, that I could believe that we would as a nation truly look on the facts and with perspective elect or re-elect a government as opposed to longstanding loyalties and emotions.
    It is going to be a battle this next election, but as a citizen, I hope to put my country’s needs above my own personal feelings and vote country first, self second.

    February 12, 2011 at 1:38 pm

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