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Government Unstable?

The sudden resignations of BOJ Governor Derrick Latibeaudiere and Police Commissioner Harley Lewin have caused alarm in sectors of the society, with questions abounding about the stability of the two year old Bruce Golding administration. Added, the constant rumors about the mounting tensions between the two senior officials and the government have not made the situation any better. Bruce Golding is expected to make a statement to parliament regarding the sudden exit of the two senior officials; but even as the country awaits the Prime Minister’s presentation, I am tempted to posit that the government does indeed appear unstable. Within the last two years, the cabinet has been reshuffled twice; the country has had three national security ministers, the boards of the UDC, the PSC, Air Jamaica, the Governor of the BOJ, two police commissioners have all resigned or been fired. To add insult to injury, the country’s credit rating has been downgraded by Standard and Poors in light of the Governor’s resignation. This kind of governance is faulty and reflects poorly on the stewardship of the Prime Minister. It would appear that the Golding government is unable to form cohesive relations with the individuals who are in government employ; the Prime Minister must come clean with the citizens of this country and provide a fulsome report to parliament on what is happening in the country he leads. The Information Minister is quoted on TVJ News as saying that the seeming disagreement between the Governor and the Finance Ministry is no reason for alarm as it is a contractual matter, but that is not enough. The country should have been briefed immediately on what prompted the resignation of the man who has led the central bank for the past 13 years. It would appear that the Prime Minister is only prompted to speak out at this junction because “it look bad”. The deafening silence of the Justice Minister on the extradition request has now resulted in international criticism being leveled at the government. The US government had requested the extradition of Tivoli strong man Dudus but the Jamaican government is seemingly incapable of honouring their commitment under the treaty. The Prime Minister must show that the government he leads is transparent, he must instruct the Justice Minister to explain to this nation why it is taking so long to respond to the US. She must tell us what are the ‘legal issues’ that must be sorted through before the extradition can happen. The time to act is now Mr. Golding! Your government loses credibility as the days go by. All these factors only point in one direction, the government is unstable and cannot effectively govern this country. I therefore call on the Leader of the Opposition to move a motion of no confidence in the Golding administration, as it is evident that the government has lost the credibility and the right to govern. We all wait with bated breath as this country careens out of control.


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